bridal makeup

When it comes to selecting the team who will be around you on such a significant day, you should aim for the best.

Makeup plays an integral role and the mark of a great artist will remain long after we have packed up and left you to celebrate your day.

We understand skin, it’s one of the key elements of makeup and we make it our mission to understand you and how you dream to look.

We live and breathe beauty. We’re a team of talented, experienced artists who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to making people look and feel glamourous.

We celebrate these attributes and aim to bring the red carpet experience to our clients every time. Our wedding makeup leaves brides looking fresh and natural with a touch of glamour. It should speak of the bride herself and elevate her to her utmost beauty.

Longevity is also imperitive – many brides simply don’t have the time or inclination to re-touch through the day so they rely upon their makeup artist to deliver a look that goes on well past the bouquet has been thrown.

If this sounds like everything you wish for your big day then don’t hesitate to contact us and secure your appointment today.


Trials $150
Makeup per face  $150 (includes lashes)

* Travel Fees may apply.